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At Moxie, we have decades of combined expertise and unique depth in navigating complex challenges.

Our team operates at the intersection of data, geopolitical expertise, digital innovation, breakthrough creative, and best-in-class strategy to create bold impact. We are proudly led by women, minorities, LGBTQIA and various other professionals at the top of their fields. By defying conventional agency structures, we ensure that our clients benefit from the most senior-level collaborations and seamless experience from start to finish. Your vision is our mandate. Together, we will define the future.

Maggie Moran

Jane Doe

Maggie Moran

B.A. Rutgers University

Maggie Moran has founded two award winning public affairs firms and is an unparalleled external affairs expert and strategist. Her expertise spans strategy development, corporate communications, public affairs campaign management, labor relations, brand management and external affairs. Maggie has held senior roles for major public affairs efforts nationally and within the New York and New Jersey regions. Her experience includes serving as Chief of Staff in-state for two United States Senators, Chief of Management and Operations for the State of New Jersey, managing a $30 billion budget, and leading political campaigns at the presidential, gubernatorial, and Senate levels. 

With a comprehensive background in sectors such as energy, cannabis, education, healthcare, labor, gaming, corporate, transportation/infrastructure, real estate, tech, and behavioral change campaigns, Maggie has adeptly managed complex communications challenges, especially in scenarios involving creation or management of disruption. She is well-versed in federal and state government operations, excelling in strategic communications in the modern, always-on media landscape.  Her work encompasses ballot initiatives, regulatory matters, policy objectives, business development, and public education campaigns.

Maggie’s dedication to innovation in data driven strategic communications - integrating quantitative and qualitative data with cutting edge geo-political intelligence to build best in class strategy and effective communications campaigns- has garnered recognition from numerous prestigious sources.  She was honored as a Rutgers Fellow in 2016, a distinction awarded to only 80 graduates in the 250+-year history of Rutgers alumni as having been found to represent the University well by making a significant difference in their respective field. Additionally, Maggie has been recognized by PR News, Ragan’s Top Women in Communications, City and State, ROI, the Observer, Insider NJ, NJ Globe and as City & State’s NY Above and Beyond Chairperson awarded as one of the top five businesswoman in NY State.   

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Maggie is a strong advocate for increasing political participation for women, people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community.  She resides in Belmar, NJ with her wife Amy and their four kids – Hannah, Shane, Claire, and Seamus.

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“Maggie Moran boasts an impressive resume that spans New York, New Jersey and the United States as a whole… she has parlayed her strategic acumen into a thriving consultancy, running campaigns for notable clients.”

Jane Doe
City & State New York

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Jeannine Frisby LaRue
Executive Vice President of Strategy & Business Development

Jane Doe

Jeannine Frisby LaRue

Executive Vice President of Strategy & Business Development
B.A. Glassboro State College (Rowan University)

The Honorable Jeannine Frisby LaRue is Moxie’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. Her journey is nothing short of extraordinary, weaving through the intricate corridors of policy, government, and politics. Jeannine also plays a pivotal role at The Zita Group, where she remains Senior Vice President. 

Her career includes a significant chapter at Rutgers University as the Vice President of Public Affairs, where she was a key member of the President's Cabinet, skillfully nurturing relationships across the public and private sectors. Her political acumen was honed as the Deputy Chief of Staff for former New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine, where she oversaw critical state offices including Appointments, Constituency Services, and Intergovernmental Affairs.

During her decade-long tenure as Senior Vice President at Saint Barnabas Health Care System, she advised the CEO and senior management on legislative and regulatory strategies. 

Jeannine’s illustrious career also includes a five-year term on the Casino Control Commission, appointed by Governor James J. Florio, overseeing New Jersey's bustling casino operations. She ultimately became Vice Chair of that Commission. 

Her roots in advocacy run deep, starting from her days as the chief lobbyist for the New Jersey Education Association, a testament to her enduring commitment to education and public service. This commitment is reflected in her roles as an English teacher, adjunct professor, college administrator, and Trustee for both Camden County College and Essex County College. Jeannine currently co-chairs Rowan University's College of Education Advisory Board. Her dedication to public service didn't stop there; she also dedicated 12 years to elective office, serving on her local school board and town council. Jeannine is one of the founding members of the New Jersey Black Caucus Foundation Board of Directors where she continues to serve. 

A trailblazer for women and children's issues, Jeannine orchestrated the groundbreaking Statewide Women’s Summit in 1992, an initiative so impactful that it was adopted by the state government and renamed the Governor's Conference for Women. That conference continued for two decades drawing thousands of participants annually.

During the COVID pandemic while most of the world was on lockdown, Jeannine rewired and created the LaRuelist Cafe’ podcast.  The Cafe’, which exists even today, brought high-level State and Federal officials to the table discussing critical issues affecting everyday lives. Sensitive topics surrounding LGBTQIA, police brutality,  mental health and more were debated at length. 

Jeannine has been a thought-leader in the advocacy space and chairs several boards, including Garden State Equality Fund and Greater Mt. Zion Community Development Corporation.

Honored by more than 70 charitable, nonprofit and business organizations, Jeannine continues to remain humble recognizing these awards don’t define her but recognize the work that she does. 

Jeannine has two children, five grandchildren and Jaxson, a fierce 7 lb Yorkie. 


With over 30 years of experience as a political leader, Jeannine LaRue is known for speaking her mind and having an unwavering sense of right and wrong. Ignoring her seasoned advice comes at your own peril.”

Jane Doe


Pearl Gabel
Executive Vice President of Creative & Content

Jane Doe

Pearl Gabel

Executive Vice President of Creative & Content
M.S. Columbia University / B.A. Hampshire College

Pearl Gabel is the Executive Vice President of Creative and Content at Moxie. Her portfolio is a kaleidoscope of award-winning creative campaigns, strategy, content and storytelling. Pearl's expertise has been the driving force behind groundbreaking projects, ranging from succinct messaging to multimillion-dollar campaigns. She has been named as one of Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 and PR Week’s Top 50 Most Influential people in PR and Business.

Prior to Moxie, Pearl was the founder of Grit Strategies, a creative advocacy consultancy where she led campaign and communications strategy for nonprofit, government, and corporate clients. She was the Director of Brand Strategy at Kivvit (now Avoq), orchestrating complex campaigns for a diverse set of clients, earning her numerous industry accolades, including a New York Emmy for Public Service Ad and a Best in Show Sabre Award.

As Digital Director for the State of New Jersey, Pearl revolutionized digital and social media outreach. She was instrumental in launching accounts like NJGOV, amassing millions of followers through her bold, innovative strategies. Her work garnered international attention as well as recognition from prestigious organizations like Adweek, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times. 

As Director of Video for the Mayor’s Office of the City of New York, she built a team of storytellers and pioneered a new way of telling stories about people and policy.

Pearl laid the foundations of her career as a photojournalist and reporter. Her lens and words have captured a wide array of subjects, from the Trumps to Obama to Beyonce, and she has covered historic events across the globe. Her impressive resume includes being a Staff Photographer for the New York Daily News and contributor to news organizations such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and NBC News.

Pearl regularly volunteers her time to advocacy projects and local causes, working toward a more just and compassionate world. She lives in Lambertville with her husband, Mehdi, and son, Noah.

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Brash, proud, and unashamedly weird.”

Jane Doe
Rolling Stone

Rolling STone Quote

Hira Shaikh
Senior Vice President of Client Management

Jane Doe

Hira Shaikh

Senior Vice President of Client Management
B.A. Rutgers University

Hira Shaikh is Moxie’s Senior Vice President of Client Management, where she brings a blend of campaign strategy and client expertise. Hira's path to Moxie is paved with impressive milestones and significant achievements.

Before joining the Moxie team, Hira was a key player in Outreach for the Office of Governor Phil Murphy. She built on her previous experience as the Deputy Director for AAPI and Faith-Based Outreach during the Governor’s 2021 re-election campaign.

Her leadership journey also includes a pivotal role as Chief of Staff for Assemblywoman Sadaf Jaffer, one of the first Muslim members of the State Legislature, where Hira's strategic prowess and policy expertise were on full display. She led the Assemblywoman’s staff and helped execute policy goals related to women’s health, immigrants’ rights, and education. Adding to her diverse career, she was a Principal at Kivvit, specializing in complex paid media campaigns and client management.

Apart from her professional accolades, Hira is deeply engaged in politics and advocacy, particularly in the Asian American and Muslim communities. She currently serves as the Co-Chair of the South Asian Caucus of New Jersey Young Democrats, demonstrating her commitment to progressive causes and community empowerment. As a proud Pakistani immigrant, she brings her full self to every project she works on.

Hira's career journey is a testament to her relentless advocacy for  her community  and her ability to navigate complex political landscapes with grace and effectiveness. At Moxie, she continues to be a force of innovation and strategic thinking, driving the company forward with her unique insights and unwavering dedication.

InsiderNJ Quote

One of the most powerful women in New Jersey”

Jane Doe
Insider NJ

InsiderNJ Quote

Joe Libutti
Senior Vice President of Research & Analytics

Jane Doe

Joe Libutti

Senior Vice President of Research & Analytics
MBA Rutgers University / BA Rowan University

Joe Libutti is the heartbeat of Moxie's Research and Analytics team, blending rigorous data analysis with strategic insights. With an MBA from Rutgers, Joe has built a career on making the complex accessible, the data actionable, and the strategies impactful.

From leading public affairs insights research teams to shaping law and public policy in government, Joe's journey is marked by a deep commitment to using data for real-world impact. His work spans tech, healthcare, energy, education, and other sectors, always with the goal of bringing clarity and direction to complex issues.

At Moxie, Joe's focus is on setting new standards with a quantitative-first approach, helping to build a new generation of public affairs research innovators, and ensuring our clients are not just keeping pace but leading their fields with a competitive edge. When he's not dissecting research and data, Joe's probably exploring new restaurants with his wife or geeking out over the latest tech and innovation.

Joe’s blend of expertise, leadership, and genuine passion for the work ensures clients and colleagues feel entirely confident in Moxie's data-centric ethos to drive efficiency, action, and results.

PRovoke Quote

Joe Libutti leverages his expertise in data, innovation and public policy. . . "

Jane Doe
PRovoke Media

PRovoke Quote

Tara Franco
Executive Vice President of Finance and HR

Jane Doe

Tara Franco

Executive Vice President of Finance and HR
BA SUNY New Paltz

Tara Franco is a seasoned financial strategist with a background in the construction industry, where she honed her skills in operations, contracting, procurement, and project management. As the former Controller of a construction firm, Tara expertly managed multi-million dollar projects and deftly handled the intricate web of day-to-day operations, finance, and human resources.

Her pivot to the public affairs industry has seen her apply her sharp acumen to contracts, billing, payroll, and broader operational and accounting roles. In this sector, Tara's strategic oversight extended to a variety of initiatives, including public awareness campaigns and significant education and energy projects, where she orchestrated multi-million dollar budgets for paid media, production, and project management.

A proud alumna of SUNY New Paltz, Tara now brings her wealth of experience to Moxie Strategies as the Executive Vice President of Finance and HR. She is the financial heartbeat of the team, ensuring that Moxie’s mission is met with fiscal excellence and human resources ingenuity. She lives in East Fishkill, NY, with her husband Tom, and their two kids, Joey and Jenna.

Amy Hackett
Operations Director

Jane Doe

Amy Hackett

Operations Director

With a distinguished career that bridges law enforcement, corporate security, and library science, Amy Hackett brings a diverse and rich skill set to her role as Operations Director at Moxie Strategies. Amy is the organizational force behind our team, ensuring we stay focused and perpetually moving forward.

Amy’s professional journey began at Douglass College, Rutgers University, where she made history as one of the institution’s first community policing officer. Her innate leadership abilities propelled her through the ranks to Sergeant and eventually Detective Lieutenant at the Rutgers Police Department. During her tenure, Amy was instrumental in developing and implementing innovative policing strategies that fostered a safer, more engaged campus. She also worked as a dispatch manager at Princeton University and as a librarian within the Hunterdon County Library system, managing information, engaging with community members, and supporting educational initiatives.

Amy’s strategic vision and pragmatic approach to problem solving ensures that our projects not only stay on track, but exceed all expectations.


Moxie 360 DiagnosticSM

Moxie’s proprietary 360° Diagnostic℠ provides a holistic view of your brand or issue.

This bespoke suite of data and analytics products provides unique depth to pinpoint your current market or issue positioning. With this intelligence in hand, we partner with you to chart informed next steps. Navigating today’s complicated environment is hard enough. Let Moxie unlock the best path forward to accomplish your priorities.


A deep dive into the culture, priorities, process, and history of your organization.

Landscape Research

A quantitative review which offers an assessment of your organization,  peers, competitors, stakeholders, and audiences.

Core Influencer

A combination of qualitative and quantitative research to understand the drivers of causation on present circumstances and the correlation of influencers impacting these decisions or movements.

Brand Risk and Strategic
Opportunity Analysis

A segment of research that identifies risks, barriers, and opportunities to improve positioning.


Strategy & Public Affairs

  • Advertising (Digital & Traditional)
  • Ballot Campaigns
  • Coalition Building
  • Community Relations / Stakeholder Development
  • Contract Campaigns
  • Corporate Communications
  • C-Suite Positioning
  • Crisis Management
  • CSG Analysis & Planning
  • DEI Analysis & Planning
  • External Affairs Assessment & Strategy
  • Issue Advocacy & Issue Management
  • Public Affairs Campaign Development & Execution
  • Social Impact Analysis & Planning
  • Strategic Communications

Data & Analytics

  • Audience Analysis
  • Brand/Issue 360 Diagnostic
  • Brand Monitoring & Rapid Response
  • Campaign Performance Analytics
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Creative & Message Testing
  • Influence Profiling
  • Media Analytics
  • Policy & Positioning Research
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Risk Analysis
  • Moxie 360° Diagnostic
  • Moxie Multiverse
  • Moxie Strategic Manifold


  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Strategy
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Integrated Media Campaigns
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Materials Development
  • Message Development
  • Video & Audio Production
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Web Design & Development
how we work

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Flexibility. As a Flex.

Our approach is to work alongside you, adapting our methods to fit your unique needs rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all solution.

Bespoke Strategy.

We believe in creating strategies and campaigns that are meticulously customized to meet your specific objectives. This means that every solution we provide is thoughtfully designed to your vision and goals.

Light on our feet.

We understand the importance of keeping pace. Our nimble structure allows us to make quick decisions and adapt to changes, ensuring your business stays ahead.

You first. Always.

Our commitment is to your success, making sure that every decision and action we take prioritizes your objectives.

It's all love.

Our team is not just composed of professionals; we are enthusiasts who love what we do. This passion drives us to exceed expectations and deliver results.

We Stay Curious.

We continuously seek out the latest trends and technologies to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Connecting all the dots.

Our focus allows us to dive deep into your projects. We dedicate the time and resources needed to develop a distinctive identity and strategy that resonates with your audience.

Experts Only.

Every project is led by our most seasoned practitioners, ensuring that you benefit from years of experience and expertise from day one.

Creative Excellence.

We believe in bold, innovative creative that breaks the mold. Our team is committed to delivering outside-the-box ideas that capture attention, elicit emotion, and engage audiences.

Our strategic process



We start by collaborating with you and immersing ourselves in your challenge or goal. 


We start by collaborating with you and immersing ourselves in your challenge or goal.  We work to understand the context, history, perspective, resources available, capabilities to apply, and organization culture.  We want to know everything about the issue, brand, cause you are focused on so we can prepare our diagnostic.  We go deep within the challenge so we are in lock step with your goals.



With the challenge identified, we will employ a proprietary research approach that lives on through our engagement.


With the challenge identified, we will employ a proprietary research approach that lives on through our engagement. Our Moxie360° Diagnostic includes an AI integrated qualitative and quantitative data build-out which will allow for proprietary analytics to drive our strategy. This aspect of the effort is critical to providing data driven intelligence to inform the campaign.


Strategic Development

We craft a tailored strategy specifically designed for you and your company or organization.

Strategic Development

We craft a tailored strategy specifically designed for you and your company or organization.  Unique, compelling, sophisticated, efficient, smart, proprietary  - our AI integrated data and digital first approach combined with decades of experience in moving sentiment will drive strategy development to provide the most effective path forward.  There is no template or off the shelf approach at Moxie.  We culminate this comprehensive discovery and diagnostic phase into a customized Moxie Strategic Manifold - the data driven strategic roadmap to achieve your desired outcomes.


Implementation & Measurement

We crave accountability and seek to ensure every investment made will drive progress.

Implementation & Measurement

We crave accountability and seek to ensure every investment made will drive progress.  Meticulous and transparent define our approach to campaign implementation.  We are obsessive about details and execution. Our proprietary process on AI integrated data tracking will provide ongoing transparency and provide the ability to refine the campaign as we go along.  We will agree upon and monitor clearly defined metrics to identify effectiveness, efficiency, progress and ultimately results.  We will constantly innovate and evolve the campaign to increase effectiveness to secure the outcome you seek.  


Continuously conquering groundbreaking technology and the latest ideas to set the new standard in creative and communications


Transparent and honest work, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards


Superior performance and quality in every project


Embracing teamwork and diverse perspectives to shape impactful narratives


Not only standing out, but standing up a better world


Prioritizing eco-friendly practices and supporting initiatives that contribute to a healthier planet


Fostering an environment where all voices are heard and respected, and equality and diversity are championed


Addressing critical issues and advocating for change, even when it’s more challenging


Building trust through open communication and accountability


Engaging, uplifting, and empowering the communities where we live and work


Force of character, determination, nerve; courageous spirit.


Pursuing goals with unwavering tenacity, turning every challenge into an opportunity for breakthrough success.


Real Estate
Life Sciences
Food & Beverage
Higher Education
Progressive Issue Advocacy
Union Labor
Government / Agency
Energy / Utility
Public Health